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1. What was the amount of foreign investment in Poland in recent years?
The information can be found on our website here.

2. What is „capital in transit”?
Capital in transit phenomenon appeared in 2006. Total amount, which increased liabilities of domestic direct investment enterprises and simultaneously increased their foreign assets, was 3.114m EUR. It stands for 20.7% of total foreign direct investments (in 2005 it was 1.218m EUR which stands for 14.7%).

3. Where are the largest investors from?
It is estimated that 85.3% of foreign direct investment in 2005 came from EU countries mainly: France, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Sweden. The largest investors outside EU were from the USA, the Netherland Antilles, South Korea, and Japan. For more information click here.

4. Which sectors have received the most investments?
From the amount of 12.834m EUR, which was the foreign capital influx in 2007, most of the capital was invested in entities operating in manufacturing industry (20%), real estate services, IT, science and education, machine leasing, and other outsourcing services (19.8%), financial intermediary (15.3%), and trade and repair.

5. What is the share of particular countries in foreign investments?
The information about the amount of investments which came from particular countries can be found here.
The list of investors from particular countries (without invested sums) can be found here.

6. What are SEZ and where can they be found in Poland?
Information can be found on paiz.gov.pl

7. What are the benefits from SEZ for foreign investors and how long are they going to be available?
Information can be found on paiz.gov.pl

8. What are COI?
Information can be found on paiz.gov.pl 


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